Friday, 30 December 2016


Throwback, March 2016

A Committee Member made a study visit (self funded) to a number of cancer institutions in Melbourne. This includes the Cancer Council Victoria to attend a session on “Patient Information That You Can Trust”. Other institutions visited were: Leukemia Foundation, Gynecological Cancer Center, Peter McCallum’s Australian Cancer Survivorship Center (ACSC), and BreaCan. These visits were scheduled with intent to develop linkages with the said institutions and as well as to gain learning experiences that can be developed for improving KanWork’s services.

One of the visit’s agendas was on information and education support. All institutions visited had kindly given a copy of their latest publications for KanWork’s members and public reference (please visit KanWork’s website for list of publications).

An outcome of the visit to ACSC was the implementation of KanWork’s “My Story Project”. The first article, “Nine Years of Happiness” is now available on KanWork’s website. A learning experience gained from BreaCan was towards the development of KanWork’s volunteers.

Thank you to all institutions for the warm hospitality, information and learning resources. We look forward to a long-term collaboration.

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