Tuesday, 10 March 2015

KanWork Volunteer Development Workshop

BANDAR BARU BANGI, 7 March 2015 – Cancer Society Kanwork has organised a Volunteer Development Workshop, aimed to improve and developed new managing skills among volunteers in order to run Kanwork as a sustainable organisation. Attended by all bureau leaders and their respective team members, the workshop was also meant to find solutions to problems and challenges in each managing component within Kanwork We were also been grace by the presence of Prof. Emeritus Rosemary Caffarella, a leader in the adult education field. Prof. Caffarella has provide valuable insight on Kanwork’s strength and weaknesess which believed to be useful for the improvement of Kanwork’s program development efforts that would directly or indirectly impact the functioning of Kanwork organisation as a whole. By the end of the session, all bureaus has re-pledged to work as dynamic team, which support each other programs in the future.

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